“Shimmer” is composed of spectra of metallic sounding bodies. Rich acoustical resonances are frozen in time, morph into each other and intertwine with artificial material. Over the course of the piece, the partials develop a life of their own, shifting between their subordinate roles as part of an acoustical spectrum, and independent roles as individual sonic elements with distinct spectromorphological and spatial movement patterns. The focus of the piece lies on the grey area between these two roles. The metallic resonances are counterpointed by textures resembling natural acoustical responses to the core material, hinting at physical properties of the many artificial sounding sonic elements.


As the name suggests, “Locust” is inspired by the movement and behaviour of animals that have an exoskeleton. Sonic elements interact with each other and the world around them, sometimes alone, sometimes in swarms. They clash into, and run or fly away from each other in more or less aggressive manner. They move through space with varying speed and determination, causing or reacting to changes in their environment. No animals were harmed during the recording process.


“Paling”’s sound material consists mainly of recordings of a decrepit Roland System-700 synthesizer. Over the course of the piece, chaotically varying noise floors, low frequency impulse waves and partly defective circuits develop a life of their own and play in their gestures with the idea of “getting controlled”. Associations to soundscapes outside the machine are explored and developed, but are always led back into the controlled environments of electronic sound production.